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Smith Holds Meeting on Digital TV and UFB Rollout


People wanting to learn more about the two most significant technology developments to hit Nelson in more than a decade are invited to a public meeting being held by Nelson MP Nick Smith next Monday.
The meeting, supported by Grey Power, will provide residents with more information about the switch to digital television and the rollout of Ultra-Fast Broadband.  

"These two Government initiatives are hugely significant because they affect everyone and open up tremendous potential for businesses and individuals," Dr Smith said.

"It will take us into a whole new era of communications and it’s important that people get all the information they need to take advantages of these changes."

Digital television is being progressively introduced throughout the country, with the Nelson region scheduled to make the switch on April 28. Financial assistance is available for some elderly people to make this change.

A representative from the Government agency, Going Digital, will be at the public meeting to answer any questions. Chorus, the telecommunications company building the $18 million UFB network in Nelson and Richmond, will also be present.

"This meeting is a great chance for people to find out when their street will get fibre and the opportunities this provides. We’ll also have an internet service provider there to explain how people can go about hooking up and the costs that are involved," Dr Smith said.

Nelson Greypower President Neville Male said some Greypower members were uncertain about what the changes meant and the meeting was a valuable opportunity for them to learn more.

The meeting will begin at 7pm in the hall above Dr Smith’s electorate office at 544 Waimea Rd, Annesbrook.

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